Cora Schwartz

cora schwartzAfter living with a Holocaust survivor for twenty-five years, authoring books about his life, and traveling annually from New York to Mogelov to bring humanitarian aid to the survivors still living there today, one would think I was immune to the horror of it all. That myth was dispelled on Sunday afternoon when I sat in the audience of the never-to-be forgotten play, WHEN YELLOW WERE THE STARS ON EARTH. How did Robert Williams, who wrote, directed in this  superb artistic skill and intensity ? How did he bring such emotion to a person like me who has ‘seen and heard’ it all? Had my late husband, Rudy been there next to me, he would have bent over and whispered, once again, “You see, that guy’s got passion!” And so he does. I will pray that Mr. Williams will fulfill his dream and succeed with writing his film adaptation of this play. On Sunday morning I invited a friend to come with me. He is an older gentleman, and Jewish at that. He refused my invitation. He said, “enough already with the Holocaust!” I say, it is never enough and Mr. Williams is here to prove it.


Cora Schwartz author of:
~ Gypsy Tears, Loving a Holocaust Survivor
~ The Forgotten Few
~ I Remember Rudy

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