Dr. Judy Kuriansky, United Nations NGO representative, journalist

Dr-Judy-KurianskyRiveted. Moved to deep spiritual and emotional places.  Touched to my soul.  That’s how I felt seeing the play When Yellow Were the Stars on Earth. 

     I was also filled with appreciation and admiration for the brilliant writer and director Robert Williams and all the talented actors for their courage in bringing this story to light.
          It’s a story about a cell of courageous Jewish resistance fighters standing up to the Nazis who are trying to maintain their last breath of evil control when facing losing the war. But the metaphors and messages from the play go way beyond, to places each audience member can relate to in their own life.
     It’s a story filled with the classic themes of good against evil in the backdrop of a newer theme of two exceptionally strong women protagonists, bonding and going beyond what others might out of honor and love.
     Every moment of the story is compelling.  Every actor is spectacular, convincing and professional as we are drawn into that world, that time and those people.
     Make sure to see this play and bring people you love with you and process what it means to you. Could any one of us have that courage seen on stage?  Could any one of us commit to that level of devotion and love shown in the play?
     I stood to my feet clapping at the end in gratitude for the gift by this group putting on this play.
~ Dr Judy Kuriansky, United Nations NGO representative, journalist